Composing for Posterity

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Publishing Your Score

Dextral Publishing is an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) music publishing company. ASCAP is the oldest performing rights organization, with one of the world's largest repositories of copyrighted musical works. 

When we accept your original composition or musical arrangement for publication, we can provide design assistance, copyright information, retainer services, binding, and distribution preparation.

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Presenting Your Vision

We work closely with our clients to incorporate their presentation ideas into the published version of their partition or score. Our collaboration includes:

  • Notation software adaptation

  • Score compiling and formatting 

  • Cover design and layout

  • Binding, printing, and web publishing options 

  • Instrument, voice, lyric, and expression arrangement

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Accommodating Your Needs

Dextral Publishing offers retainer services to clients who wish to modify their scores or collections over time. We tailor our services to include:


  • Individualized publishing commissions 

  • Partition amendations and emendations

  • Expanding or altering collection contents

  • Adapting libretti in different languages

  • Concert performance adjustments